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I work exclusively with Germaine De Capuccini Products, a company with a reputation for ground breaking advances in body and skin care. The successful combination of natural active ingredients with cutting edge technology has produced some of the most influential products the beauty industry has ever seen. 
All products can be purchased from our wellness clinic in Suffolk or below. P&P is free. 
Luxurious body care products rich in Baobab seed oil which is nourishing, hydrating and a powerful antioxidant. 
Firm & Tonic Body Oil – 100ml - £45.65 
Oil Tonic Scrub – 150ml - £34.50 
Shine & Youthfulness Hair Essence - 100ml - £33.45 
Formulated with 5 natural oils including ethically source Baobab Seed Oil, this restoring essence repairs the hair and protects it against daily aggression. The hair is immediately hydrated, shinny and frizz free, without feeling oily. 
Prevents hair loss by strengthening the fibre from inside 
Protects against daily aggression and heat appliances. 
Thickens, smoothes and provides Shine. 
Rosehip Oil - 30ml - £36.50 
Our number 1 top selling product. Multi-Regenerating Rose Hip Oil is formulated with an ultra-light texture to prevent breakouts that are often caused by inferior Rose Hip Oils. Designed to mix with any face or body moisturiser to boost their results or for use on its own to remedy a huge range of skin problems. 
Boosted Results: Formulated specifically to mix with any face or body moisturiser for enhanced results. 
Multi-Regenerating: Highly concentrated Vitamin A to regenerate the skin more quickly than regular Rose Hip Oil. 
Double the Anti-oxidants: The additional Bixa Orellana is packed with anti-oxidants & carotenoids to reduce inflammation, protect against solar radiation, repair scars and reduce wrinkles. 
Ultra-Light Texture: Doesn’t cause breakouts on the face like regular rose hip oils can. 
Suitable for all skin types. 
Dehydrated skin frequently subjected to extreme climates or chemical agents that unbalance the skin’s optimal hydration level. 
Skin undergoing surgery chemical peeling, lifting, post-surgical scars. 
Skin undergoing oncological treatments (radiotherapy and chemotherapy) presenting alterations such as dryness, redness or itching 
Stretch marks to help improve the ones already existing and prevent new stretch marks –  Ideal for pregnant women. 
Darkspots related to hormone changes or excessive solar exposures. 
All skin types can benefit from the additional anti-oxidants and Vitamin A – boosting all round skin health and rejuvenation. 
Multi Regenerating Rose Hip Oil is our absolute star product and is perfect for a huge range of skin problems and any skin type. 
Rosehip Oil is has caused quite a stir in the world of skincare recently. So what exactly are the benefits of this miracle oil? 
Used for centuries by Medics, Dermatologists and Skincare Professionals, Rosehip oil has natural healing, regenerating and therapeutic properties. Today, Rosehip Oil has been found extremely diverse, providing a natural solution to many skin problems such as scars, dehydration, dark spots, wrinkles, dryness and stretch marks. 
Spa Exfoliator - 250ml - £41.75 
Supplements formulated with active ingredients capable of naturally restoring the skin in the heart of the cells 
Complete Skin Collagen + HA –  
30 days - £61.60 
A supplement drink to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles 
Simply Stylish Hot/Cold Gel Pack - £4.99 
Microwave for 30 seconds or place it in the freezer for 2 hours. 
Heat increases blood flow restoring movement to injured tissue. 
Cold causes vasoconstriction the narrowing of blood vessels, use for acute pain, inflammation & swelling. 
Perfect to use on: 
HOT - Aching muscles from over-exertion 
HOT - Joint stiffness 
HOT - Whiplash 
HOT - Aching pains from fibromyalgia/arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. 
HOT - Cramping or spasm pains such as period pains. 
HOT & COLD - Osteoarthritis of the knee to improve muscle strength and range of movement. 
COLD – Gout reduces pain. 
COLD - Healing of stitches and tears following vaginal delivery of a baby. 
COLD - Reduces swelling of surgical wounds. 
A range of products capturing the purest essences and scents from some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. 
Méditerranée Eau De Parfum - For Women – 50ml - £56.80 –  
An exotic fragrance with top notes of oranges, grapefruit and citrus with base notes of must and precious wood 
Noir Eau De Parfum – For Men –  
50 ml - £68.00 – a subtle but very masculine scent, simple but with strength 
Sperience Relax Ambience Candle - 
£27.35 – an aromatherapy candle made with 100 % pure essential oils of Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Violet and Ylang Ylang 
Products to provide the skin with immediate comfort, nourishment and hydration. Anti-cellulite and firming products contain powerful ingredients to naturally and effectively reduce and prevent cellulite. 
Slim Precision Body Emulsion – 300ml - £75.80 
A body emulsion that corrects & prevents cellulite 
Up & Tone Arms - 100ml - £57.75 
A cream to reduce flaccidity & helps remodel the upper arm 
Replenish & Lift Bust – 100ml - £45.50 
Replenish & Lift is a silky melting, rich wax that melts in your hands and allows for effective absorption through massage. It works to restore the skin of the breasts, neck and décolletage area with the lost tone and hydration. Contains a multi-function ingredient, which is characterised by pursuing three joint effects on the bust: 
Detoxifying action: On the epidermis, it activates the cellular detoxifying system, the skin of the area immediately improves, recovering its suppleness and luminosity. 
Firming action: All the delicate area of the dermal brassiere achieves spectacular firmness thanks to the synthesis of collagen and the improvement of the structure of the extra-cellular matrix.  
Volumising action: Increases the firmness of the bust thanks to the natural thickening of the adipose tissue; this promotes the accumulation of lipids, producing an increase in volume. 
(Does not contain hormones to achieve this effect.) The tissues are redensified from inside, lifting and remodelling the breasts. 
SM Peel Solution – 200ml - £79.95 
A lotion to prevent & correct the appearance of stretch marks 
Rescue Feet – 100ml - £25.95 
A cream that intensely nourishes dry & damaged feet 
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