Specialist Services & CORPORATE WELLNESS 

I have managed large spa operations for many years and have expertise in the field of managing large teams of therapists. I have grown businesses into successful, profitable enterprises whilst maintaining high standards of treatments, customer care, training and staff motivation.  
As a wellness centre & years working in fast paced enviroments & settings we understand the importance of wellness in the workplace and how this can lead to better focus, motivation and comittment from staff, therefore we offer a range of Corporate/Event treatments and we can build bespoke wellness sessions to suit the needs of a business or event. 
I have a great passion for passing on successful management techniques so that therapists, managers and spa or salon owners can reach their full potential. I also believe that to get the best out of anyone involves individual awareness around managing stress and bring relaxation into their everyday life, so I am a teacher of Stillness and Calm Awareness. 
Therapist/Spa Management Mentoring | POA 
Need to improve your productivity and retailing skills? Need to motivate a team? Need ideas for incentives? Need to challenge and inspire teams of individuals then this service is for you. I work with either individual managers, therapists or teams to address any sales, team building, motivational issues you have. I can then offer ongoing support. This service is tailor made to suit everyone’s unique circumstance but is sure to improve sales, enthusiasm and professionalism in the beauty industry. 
Teaching the Art of Stillness and Calm – POA 
Need to learn to relax but still be aware of the world around you? Need to be able to carry on with life but find a sense of calm whilst working under pressure or looking after the family? This course would benefit individuals, groups or work teams interested in learning how to relax, how to focus and how to bring awareness back to the present, rather than thinking about past events or worrying about future events. I understand the realities of stressful, full on living and this course takes into account the stresses of everyday life, it is based on reality! For further information on this course please email me at tammy@simplystylishsuffolk.co.uk and I will send an information sheet detailing the course content and costs. 
On site Reiki - POA 
A treatment to restore you, making you ready to appreciate life just as it is! The whole, magical and wonderful Reiki experience helps balance the chakras, relaxes you, and takes you to a place free of responsibility for a little while. 
On site Acupressure Chair Massage for corporate setting or events - POA 
As professional acupressure massage therapists, we specialise in workplace and event massage, bringing everything needed to a venue of choice to offer this spectacular massage treatment. This massage routine works your meridians and pressure points Treatments can last between 10 – 20 minutes (perfect for a break or lunchtime). Clients stay fully clothed as we work with pressure point routines to relieve stress and promote quick, effective relaxation. 
Spa/Salon Mystery Shopping | POA  
Need an honest but productive review of your spa or salon business? Need to know how your therapists perform in their treatment rooms? Need to know what initial contact with your business feels like? Interested in how much money you are losing through lost payments? Interested in the chatter in the corridors and waiting rooms of your spas or salon? I can mystery shop any service you offer to evaluate standards, professionalism, customer care, staff motivation and dedication. Having worked in the spa industry, I understand from a commercial aspect how a spa has to operate to be profitable and can offer constructive, up to date advice on how to improve or better still, compliment what is working really well for you as a business. The art of "upgrading" is my speciality and passing on my knowlege in this area is part of the service. Mystery shopping can be done by me in person or as a telephone enquiry. This service is designed to suit your business needs, an initial telephone consultation free of charge will give me ideas for a proposal that you can review before taking on the services I suggest. Pricing will be dependent on the service that best suits your needs. 
Dementia Information Sessions – 1 hour – Free 
(Travel Costs may be incurred depending on location). As a Dementia champion I work towards passing on information about Dementia in 1 hour long information sessions. These sessions are best delivered to groups of 10 – 20, are fun and informative and aimed for anyone aged over 13. I can work in schools, offices, retail environments or in community clubs to share the awareness to promote better understanding of the many illnesses under the Dementia umbrella. 
On site Indian Head Massage - POA 
A therapy to wash away tension from your brows, forehead and temples. Soft ripples across the scalp housing the brain, the centre of every system in the body, it stimulates the senses, increase circulation and balances and heals our bodies. Awake from this therapy with a renewed optimism and sense of happiness. 
On site Hand / Foot Massage - POA 
Massage concentrating on pressure points and reflex zones in the hands or feet, a quick effective way to relieve pressure & stress from the body, clients remain clothed and times can be varied to fit in with breaks and lunchtimes. Clients return to their desks with a sense of calm! 
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