Styling & Body Image 

COLOUR ANALYSIS - 1 hour - £75 
“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” 
Coco Chanel 
I take the time to look at your natural hair colour, eye colouring and skin tone to start working out the best colours to complement you and make you look vibrant and glowing. We discuss and fill in a questionnaire about the colours you feel safe wearing, the colours you are attracted to, the ones you avoid and why!  
During this session we hi light the key “wow” colours that make you naturally glow as they complement you skin and eyes.  
You will find after a colour analysis session you will choose more wisely in the future when shopping, now confident in the knowledge that you know what colours you look great in. 
You will start to see your clothes choices coordinate more and mixing and matching more effectively. 
You will learn what colours to wear to maximise your great bits and hide the not so good bits – we all have them! 
At the end of this session I will supply you with a terrific pocket sized colour chart that can be your best friend next time you shop! 
This session can be done in your home or you can visit me where I supply good coffee, tea and snacks to make this an hour of fun to remember. 
2-3 hours - £125 
“Buy less, choose well, make it last” 
Vivienne Westwood 
This session is where I get to know you, enabling me to gain a very clear picture of what is required to get the best results from your styling & wardrobe assessment. 
I will email you a questionnaire to complete for me, this helps me to discover where you are today, your clothes and style choices to date and the image you currently portray. This will also help me start to work out your body image profile so we can ensure we use the very best pieces to enhance your shape. 
I then visit your home and we sort through what you already have in your wardrobe - what works, what doesn't and chat about what you would like to see in your wardrobe in the future! Wardrobe includes clothes, shoes, boots and accessories and we can go as far as sorting the underwear – it should never be forgotten! 
Discussion and demonstration of what suits you best and talk through the correct garments for your body style. 
Understand you, your lifestyle, and your requirements and learn more about your current shopping habits, we will learn what works for you and we will find ways to improve your shopping habits so you don’t waste time or money on “bad” purchases in the future. 
Advise you on the best way to organise your wardrobe and on specific items, such as folding techniques, hanger and box usage, labelling all to aid you to make getting ready stress free and above all enjoyable! 
Leave you with an uncluttered wardrobe ready to wear, with new ideas for you. This is the ideal time to identify refreshing it with some lovely new things! The ideal next step from a wardrobe and image session is a PERSONAL SHOPPING SESSION. 
I work in an honest, kind and fun way so your experience is enjoyable and informative – my aim is to get you looking and feeling great. 
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