Treatments for relaxation and wellness 

I am trained in a range of treatments to help boost your self-image, confidence and general wellbeing. Using luxurious products to stimulate your senses and enveloping you in clouds of beautiful fragrance, I will take you on a journey of relaxation, giving you the time and space to feel free. I can visit a corporate setting to relax and treat staff on site, or I practice from my base in the stunning village of Debenham in Suffolk. 
Immerse yourself in an indulgent massage treatment, inch loss body wrap or holistic treatment, all designed with a sprinkling of luxury using the finest products and specialised techniques to relax you and take you on a sensory journey. 
Body Contouring Treatments  
The Express Firming, Toning and Tightening Body wrap - 45 minutes - £35 each 
Express partial body wrap treatments allow you to target specific areas of concern to tone, firm and reduce inches in just 35 minutes. Combining Universal Contour Wrap Classic Clay Solution with specific wrapping techniques results in positive slimming effects that can be instantly seen. 
Lifting Bust Wrap - Lifts & firms the bust area whilst smoothing the area around the back. 
Firming Arm Wrap - Effectively firms, tones & sculpts loose and saggy upper arms. 
Toning Tummy Wrap - Tones loose skin around the waist and stomach area whilst helping to reduce stretch marks. 
Sculpting Buttock Wrap - Sculpts the buttocks into shape whilst helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 
Anti-Cellulite Thigh Wrap - Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the upper thighs by firming and toning. 
Holistic treatments 
Please note offer prices are subject to T&C found on our news page 
Bespoke Treatment Package - 2 hours to include consultation- £70 
A bespoke treatment package designed with just you in mind. This 2 hour treatment slot all about you! We start with a consultation about your physical, mental and emotional health, with this in mind Tammy then designs there and then a bespoke treatment package entirely for you to benefit your needs, to ensure maximum relaxation and wellness. Your bespoke treatment package could be a combination of any of the treatments or services offered by Simply Stylish, it is a slice of time to just "lose yourself" for a while in the therapies that are offered but also "find yourself" with the expert guidance of Tammy. 
Reflexology - 1 hour to include consultation- £45 
An ancient foot massage therapy to help you move forward with a renewed sense of wellbeing. Relieving tensions and unblocking energies, a grounding treatment that makes you feel like the whole body has been treated, leading to natural healing of the organs and bodily systems. 
Reiki - 1 hour to include consultation - £45 
A treatment to restore you, making you ready to appreciate life just as it is! The whole, magical and wonderful Reiki experience helps balance the chakras, relaxes you, and takes you to a place free of responsibility for a little while. 
Ear Candle Treatment - 1 hour to include consultation - £451  
A treatment designed to make you feel like you can hear more clearly, using ear candles we aim to remove any wax build up, pressure & fluid to bring clarity to your hearing, release of pressure and balance. Finished with a massage to drain the lymph, clear the sinuses and stimulate the circulation helping to relax and refresh you. 
Express Ear Candle Treatment - 25 minutes to include consultation - £21 
A treatment designed to make you feel like you can hear more clearly, using ear candles we aim to remove any wax build up, pressure & fluid to bring clarity to your hearing, release of pressure and balance. 
The Sunday Slow Down - £90 for 3 guests - Sundays 10am - 12.30pm 
Exclusive use of the Simply Stylish space. Designed for 3 of you to meet and relax with us at Simply Stylish in Debenham, Suffolk. We welcome you with hot drinks, fresh fruit and pastries, served in our wellness boutique, an area for you to lounge on our sofa, chat, or browse and try our range of indulgant body products, all designed to enhance your wellbeing. Each of you gets the choice of a 25 minute treatment, choosing from: Indian Head Massage, Nourishing Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Express Reiki or Express Ear Candle Treatment. Your treatments will follow on from a wellness consultation to ensure you benefit from your time with us. 
3 Month Wellness Subscription - £175 worth £220 
Pain removing. Back repairing. Sleep inducing. Always caring. 
To include: 
Month 1: 
'Pain removing' 
1 x Reflexology Treatment 
Bathing Beauty Fizzy Foot Soak 
Bathing Beauty Foot Salve 
Pukka Herbs Detox Tea 
Month 2: 
'sleep inducing' 
1 x Reiki Treatment 
Kiss the Moon Bath Salts 
Kiss the Moon Calm Balm 
Pukka Herbs Night Time Tea 
Month 3: 
'back repairing' 
1 x Full Body Massage 
Jones the Bones Bath Salts 
Jones the Bones Joint and Muscle Oil 
Pukka Herbs Turmeric Tea 
Book the treatment for each month and receive the monthly wellness products at the appointment. 
If you are buying this as a gift a voucher will be provided for the recipient to book at their convenience. Gifting made easy. Pop by, email, message or phone and we can get this organised quickly and easily. 
Massage treatments 
Please note offer prices are subjext to T&C found on our news page 
Prescriptive Massage 
25 minutes to include consultation - £27 
55 minutes to include consultation - £45 
Massage treating a specific area of concern, injury or pain. Popular areas that we treat are neck, shoulder or lower back pain. Also many of our clients suffer with muscle and joint pain in the knees or hip which we can concentrate on in this treatment, to improve flexibility and mobility. Foot pain can be addressed and we can use our expertise in Occipital release to realign the body and release tension through the upper back, scalp and neck. Our Prescriptive massages are performed using a specially formulated oil designed by Osteopaths for arthritic joint pain, muscle pain and inflammatory conditions.  
Swedish Back & Neck Massage - 25 minutes to include consultation - £27  
Massage to lengthen, strengthen and knead away the knots of the back, aligning the back and neck to leave you with a sense of standing tall and feeling revived. 
Swedish Full Body Massage - 55 minutes to include consultation - £45 
Find relief from knots and stimulate the muscles through this massage, paying particular attention to your long term areas of tension, a freeing treatment that makes you feel more flexible. 
CBD Infused Prescriptive Massage 
55 minutes (to include consultation) - £65 
25 minutes (to include consultation) - £37 
Customized body massage using 100% Organic Terpene Rich CBD Oil. This massage is dedicated to targeting pain, inflammation, fatigue and speeding up the process of healing and recovery. Great for people wanting to de-stress and eliminate pain. 
*We have decided to add CBD to our massage menu, this decision is beyond it being on trend in the marketplace - it is based on the vast therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. We have sourced a 100% Organic Terpene Rich CBD oil, the non-toxic, non-psycho-active component of the hemp plant, which has an incredible healing range and impacts some of the key health and wellbeing concerns we currently face such as pain, poor sleep, low mood and stress. We are very excited to incorporate CBD into our services as part of our continuous efforts to source the best in health and wellness treatments and products for our customers. 
These new CBD enhanced products and treatments aim to provide benefits that include increased mineralisation, collagen production, moisturisation, anti-inflammation, pain reduction, relaxation and overall improved skin health. 
Indian Head Massage - 25 minutes to include consultation - £33  
A therapy to wash away tension from your brows, forehead and temples. Soft ripples across the scalp housing the brain, the centre of every system in the body, it stimulates the senses, increase circulation and balances and heals our bodies. Awake from this therapy with a renewed optimism and sense of happiness. 
Sinus Massage - 25 minutes to include consultation- £27 
A 25 minute massage concentrating on the face, neck and scalp to relive sinus congestion. Packed with relaxation techniques but also you will experience relief from congestion and pain. Great for hay fever sufferers, sinisitus, colds and headaches. 
Myofascial Release Massage (MFR) – 20 minutes to include consultation – £16 - (ideal prior to any massage treatment for maximum pain relief & mobility) 
MFR massage is a technique used to stretch the connective tissue of the muscle. Sustained pressure is applied to the skin without the use of oils to identify areas of stress and tension in the body or a specific area giving you pain. The pressure applied can vary between 3-5 minutes releaseing any restrictions and freeing the muscles to move more freely. The release of the tesnsion and stress, the lengthening and unlocking of the blocks in the facia relieve pain that has built up in that area. Regular MFR can help with Arthritis, Back Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Disc Problems, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain, Neurological Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain, Planta Facitis, Physical Stress, Postural Irregularities, Psychological Stress, Scars, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Sports Injuries 
Pure Skincare Facials with Marion  
at Simply Stylish. 
Our new range of facials performed by Tropic ambassador and qualified beauty therapist Marion are performed using natural, certified organic products from Tropic Skincare.  
Developed by this award winning product house the products are naturally effective with no chemicals or preservatives, recognised by the Vegan society and cruelty free. 
Tropic Express Cleansing Facial - 30 minutes - £28 
To include Facial cleanse, exfoliate, mask and moisturise. 
Tropic Bespoke Facial - 40 minutes - £30 
To include skin consultation for skin type analysis to assess treatment and after care advice. Facial cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, moisturise and follow up. Includes hand or scalp massage. 
Deep Cleanse Facial - 1 hour - £40 
To include skin consultation for skin type analysis to assess treatment and after care advice. Facial cleanse, exfoliate, mask, tone, moisturise and follow up. Includes neck and shoulder massage. This is an intenscie treatment specific to skin type. 
Walk in Appointments available on Tuesdays between 11am - 3pm at Simply Stylish, 22 Cross Green, Debenham, Suffolk, IP14 6RW 
To book a Tropic Skincare Facial or a Tropic Pamper Party call Marion on:  
Tel 07765060207 
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