Wellness Treatment 

Tammy has been trained in counselling for over 15 years and now specialises in working with eating disorders and aims to create a safe, kind, honest wellness programme for anyone she treats. 
CBT Eating Disorder Counselling - 1 hour - £50 
I work with adolescents and adults suffering from eating disorders and body image issues. My work involves kind, honest communication, helping develop a wellness programme and ongoing support networks individually tailored to your needs. We work together to build confidence, tackle and reduce anxiety, break down thought patterns, and work towards your feeling optimistic that life can be full of hope, happiness and healthy choices in the future. 
Nutritional Consultations - 1 hour - £50 
Trained to work with both adults and children in Nutrition, these consultations are aimed at addressing any issues you have related to food. We can work together to understand food intolerance, allergies, obesity, eating disorders, health issues, weight issues & diet. Together we work towards developing eating plans, working with food diaries, introducing healthier diet choices to your life, eliminating overeating and bad eating habits. We also work to understand the eating habits for better understanding of diet and wellness or can just evaluate your diet to see how it can be improved to maximise your health and energy levels. 
Art of Stillness & Calm Session - 1 hour - £40 
Trained by a Buddhist Monk I can offer you an exquisite hour of calm we practice relaxing breathing, walking and visualisation techniques designed uniquely to be in tune with you and the world around you, deeply rebalancing, meditative and refreshing for the senses. 
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